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The Cape Grace Hotel, V&A Waterfront

The Table Bay Hotel, V&A Waterfront

The Cape Town Aquarium

The Cape Town Stadium

Iziko Cape Town Museum

St Georges Mall Cape Town

Sidewalks in City Centre

The Mount Nelson Hotel

Val De Vie Wine & Polo Estate Paarl

The Grand Roche Hotel Paarl

The “Rooi Plein” and sidewalks, Stellenbosch University Campus

The Knysna Waterfront
Thesen Island

Roads & Sidewalks in George


  De Hoop Steenwerwe
~ a history
1928 to 2010

The first clay brick factory in Paarl, on the current
site of De Hoop Steenwerwe, was started in 1928. This factory closed down when the Second World War broke out. The factory was started up again under the name De Hoop Steenwerwe (meaning
De Hoop Brickfields). Back then bricks were still made by hand in wooden moulds and packed out
in the sun to dry. Everything was manual labour
and a factory producing 100 000 bricks per month was seen as a big factory.

  The factory was taken over by the Kotze family in the early 60’s and was steadily mechanised and grew to supply the demand for clay plaster bricks.
Because of the wet winter months of the Western Cape, the owners of De Hoop Steenwerwe decided to upgrade the factory to a continuous tunnel kiln and drier imported from Italy and so in 1984 De Hoop stopped producing clay plaster bricks and started to concentrate on clay face and paving bricks. Over the years our dominant red pavers literally “paved the Western Cape red.”
To name but a few projects where De Hoop
red pavers were used:
1.   Saint Georges Mall in Cape Town City Centre
2.   Most sidewalks in and around the City Centre
3.   The Mount Nelson Hotel - entrance road
4.   Iziko Cape Town Museum - paving
5.   The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in red and
      brown clay pavers

6.   The Cape Town Aquarium
7.   The “Rooi Plein” and sidewalks on Stellenbosch
      University Campus

8.   Sidewalks in Durbanville, Bellville, Simon’s Town,
      Franchhoek and various other towns

9.   The Knysna Waterfront
10. Traffic Circles and Sidewalks in
      York Street, George

11. Val De Vie Wine & Polo Estate and
      The Grand Roche Hotel in Paarl

12. Cape Town Stadium - paving and walkways


And last, but definitely not least, lots of driveways, garden paths and even more driveways...

Clay pavers, like red wine, actually gets better with age, its colour will never fade out and will still be there for centuries to come.
Besides paving bricks De Hoop has also become known for its red facebricks used in various projects enhancing buildings in and around the Western Cape.
De Hoop prides itself to produce consistent quality products and kept on investing in the latest technology available in order to achieve our goal.
This also means that we can now produce more types of face bricks and pavers better, cleaner, greener and much more efficient and productive.
Through the years we, along with our customers, faced many challenges, good times and bad times, times of prosperity and of recessions, but like them always giving our best, we are still here...

Today, we are geared up to produce many new types of products (and of course the old favourites) and are fully committed to keep on supplying our customers way into the future!

F C Kotze
De Hoop Brickfields (PTY) LTD
April 2010