Fired Clay Bricks

made to last



De Hoop continues to evolve, grow & supply the demand for direct sales to the public. Our bricks have proven to not only last but enhance in colour and texture over time. We are continuously striving to meet the latest demands. Contact us for more information and prices.

De Hoop is one of the oldest brick manufacturers in South Africa, established 1928 and became a family concern in 1948. As 3rd generation we have expanded our range and manufacture fired clay bricks of top quality and strength in a range of colours and options.

The De Hoop Red and our full colour range has vibrant colours that are fused during the firing process. Our bricks are proven to enhance in colour and texture over time without the risk of fading, require no maintenance and add value to any property. Besides plaster brick production right through the year, our Facebrick, Pavers, Piazza and Klompies are available in a variety of colours